Gambrel Gallery - Currency War, Jerryck ‘J.Roc’ Murrey

Gambrel Gallery.
Gambrel Gallery - Currency War, Jerryck ‘J.Roc’ Murrey

This month's exhibition at Gambrel Gallery features mixed media work by Jerryck ‘J.Roc’ Murrey. Exploring the capital flows within our current economic system, Jerryck illustrates the end cost of our consumption through the use of spray paint, wheat paste, stencils, newspaper, and acrylic paints. By working on large format wood panels, sculpture, paper, and canvas, Jerryck aims to captivate his viewers through scale, moving them to a readily present, but often overlooked reality.

An Opening Reception will take place during First Friday Art Walk. Currency War will remain on display from October 6 to November 18.


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