Schneider Museum of Art - What's at Stake

Schneider Museum of Art.
Schneider Museum of Art - What's at Stake

Currently featured at the Schneider Museum of Art is What's at Stake, curated by Catharine Clark and featuring the work of Al Farrow, Masami Teraoka, and Zeina Barakeh. Investigating pressing issues of our time such as mechanisms of war and colonialism, interrogating the unpredictability and legitimacy of armed conflict, the devastating impacts of war, human rights violations, and environmental collapse, this exhibition presents a conversation, powerfully asks us to pause and reflect on our collective responsibility to one another, and think about what’s at stake when we allow violence to go unchecked.

Don't forget to join them for First Friday Art Walk, taking place February 2, from 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. What's at Stake will remain on display until Saturday, March 23.

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