OCTOBER 21-22, 2023


Ever wonder how artists find their creative muse? Ashland Open Studio Tour is a FREE EVENT sponsored by the Ashland Gallery Association to visit the very places where art happens.  Artists' studios are always one of kind.  Each artist studio has its own peculiarities in set up and working methods depending on medium and the artist’s needs. Each creative person needs a room of their own to think, work, organize, and dream.  While these places where art is made are as individual as the artist, what they all have in common is the energy of creation. This is the forum where an artist is allowed to freely experiment, develop ideas, and fail or succeed.

On this page you'll find tour maps, demonstration schedule and a list of participating artists.

Studio Tour Map

Pick up your printed map at any Ashland gallery or the Chamber of Commerce or download a PDF version here:


Ashland Open Studio Tour Afterparty!

Saturday, October 21, 5:30-8:30pm

Enclāve Studios and the Haines Foundation are proud to host the second annual Ashland Open Studio Tour Afterparty!

Join Enclāve Studios and friends on Saturday, October 21, 5:30-8:30 pm for a night of fine art, freaky vibes, high culture, and lowbrow shenanigans. Dress to impress your fellow art lovers and come on out for a party to remember!

Enclāve Gallery & Studios

1661 Siskiyou Blvd, Ashland OR

October 21, 5:30pm-8:30pm

Demonstration Schedule

Saturday October 21

11am (A) Ashland Glass Act: hot glass manipulation

11am-1pm (P) Scavenger Studios: Botanical Monoprints

12-1pm (U) Studio on Elm: Rachel Fisher-Textures in watercolors

1-2pm (U) Studio on Elm: Erin Linton - Art from life, focus on feathers

1pm & 4pm (J) Langford Sculpture Studio: Beca Blake - Immersive experience

2–4pm (P) Scavenger Studios: Copper Etching

2pm (A) Ashland Glass Act: Cane pulling

2:30pm (A) Ashland Glass Act: Unmolding pate de verre

3:30pm (S) Studio A.B: Tag and weather model trains

5:30-8:30pm (D) Enclave After Party ☻

Sunday October 22

12-1pm (U) Studio on Elm: Rachael Fisher-Textures in watercolors

12-2pm (P) Scavenger Studios: Relief Printmaking

1-2pm (U) Studio on Elm: Erin Linton-Art from life, focus on feathers

1pm,4pm,7pm (J) Langford Sculpture Studio: Beka Blake-Immersive experience

2pm (A) Ashland Glass Act: Cane pulling

2:30pm (S) Studio A.B.: Tag and weather model trains

3pm (A) Ashland Glass Act: Unmolding pate de verre

4pm (A) Ashland Glass Act: Hot glass manipulation

7pm (J) Langford Sculpture Studio: Beka Blake-Artist Talk: Contemporary Art in Rural Pacific Northwest

2023 Participating Artists & Studios

(A) Ashland Glass Act

Stef & Dan Seffinger
Erika Dreager


Dan and Stef Seffinger are kiln form glass artists who have worked together since 2002. They launched their studio ,Ashland Glass Act llc in 2006. both of us have taken extensive classes in kiln form glass techniques and processes at Bullseye Learning Center in Portland. Their work can be seen at Ashland artworks gallery. 

Dan likes to experiment with glasswork through the manipulation of temperature, effects of gravity and process time. Dan appreciates that he experiences daily excitement and passion for learning the limitless possibilities in working with glass. 

Stef enjoys bold colors and complex designs in her work. She uses a variety of glass processes and is currently working on creating imagery in glass. 

Erika Dreager started working with kiln-formed glass in 2019 under the mentorship of glass artist Dan Seffinger. While skilled in a variety of kiln-formed glass techniques, Erika works primarily with Pâte de Verre, a process that involves pressing crushed glass into a mold. The versatility of this approach allows her the freedom to create forms not found in other kiln-formed processes. Erika attended Pilchuck Glass School in 2022 and was the recipient of the Oceanside Glass and Tile Artist Appreciation Award in 2023. She is continuing to push the boundaries of the glass and develop new ways to work with the material. Through her work, Erika explores ideas surrounding self-discovery through temporality, fragility, and resilience.  

448 Taylor Street, Ashland

Stef 541-324-6414

Dan 541-326-5442

Instagram: @erikadreagerglassstudio

(B) Big Dog

John Pugh


A large studio for large artwork - we create public murals and offer mural internships for artists committed to learning this style. I have found that painting conceptual trompe l!oeil murals allows our studio to communicate effectively with a large audience. People take delight in being visually tricked. Once intrigued by the illusion, the viewer is invited to discover and explore the deeper concept.With a clear intention to create public art attractions, I strive to design each project in such a way that’s not a commonplace mural. Often, this includes creating an illusion of something iconic or a dynamic anomaly. The passerby is much more apt to engage with an uncommon architectural event while surveying the urban landscape.Creating a "sense of place” is paramount. It is important for me to research the area and its community, formulating concepts based upon a multitude of historical viewpoints. If the mural can serve to educate about the culture and heritage, it will deepen roots and create a pride of place.Ultimately, the goal with any mural is to inspire, conjure fresh feelings and perceptions, and evoke connection with the mural, within us, and with the world around us. 

255 Helman St., #1 C&D, Ashland


(C) Cindy Triplett Fine Art

Cindy Triplett


Cindy Triplett creates watercolor paintings that exemplify the rich qualities of color, light and texture obtainable with the medium. Cindy received both her degrees from Southern Oregon University, Ashland, Oregon: a Bachelor’s degree with a Painting emphasis, and a Master’s degree in Education. She taught Art as a certified teacher in Oregon and California schools, community colleges and in her home studio. She is a contributing member of professional art organizations, including the Watercolor Society of Oregon, the International Society of Experimental Artists, and the American Watercolor Society.  Her paintings can be seen locally at the Rogue Gallery & Art Center, Medford and at Gallerie Karon in downtown Ashland. During the Open Studio Tours event, more of her work in water media and oils which were created over the past forty years will be available in her studio. 

305 Mobile Drive, Ashland


(D) Enclave Studios

Gabriel Mark Lipper, Nicole Wasgatt, Alex Brehmer, Jay Gordon


Saturday night only. 5:30–8:30 pm for the Open Studio Tour Afterparty

1661 Siskiyou Blvd #3, Ashland


(E) Gambrel Gallery

Juan Santiago


After completing my MFA degree at New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, I gained extensive national and international higher education teaching as well as residency experience in countries like Germany, China and Thailand while researching cultural and historical ceramics.  A major life change occurred in 2019 when I moved with my family to Ashland, Oregon for a better quality of life as I joined the art department at Southern Oregon University.  The onset of the 2020 pandemic prompted me to pursue leading a class on harvesting “wild clay” that has significantly influenced my own practice.

As Co-Director/Curator of Gambrel Gallery, my current position involves overseeing the development of the Gambrel Arts Program, which grants BIPOC artists in Ashland, Oregon scholarships for residency, studio space, and membership in an artist collective. Our ultimate goal, as the board and I work towards creating a more inclusive community, is to foster a collaborative environment that uplifts marginalized voices and effectuates positive change through art, rather than perpetuating isolation.

I welcome you all to come learn about my practice rooted in sustainability and innovation here in my studio at Gambrel Gallery and Gambrel Annex Ashland.

1980 E. Main St., Ashland


(F) Gambrel Gallery Annex

Sarah Red-Laird


Sarah Red-Laird is a conceptual artist and the founder and Executive Program Director of the Bee Girl organization (BGO), a grassroots nonprofit centered on bee habit conservation through research, regeneration, art, & education.  Her work currently has her chasing bees from the Coast Mountains of Oregon, though the Great Basin, to Montana’s Paradise Valley, and into the Great Plains.  “Bee Habitat in Cyanotype” is a multimedia art project with a goal to move our communities to be more passionate about regenerative agriculture and the importance of bee habitat through art.  Sarah combines bees and cyanotype prints to create visually stunning and educational works of art. Each cyanotype is made with flowers from projects on our partner ranches, vineyards, and farms, adorned with pinned or printed bees from her research collections, and framed in barnwood.  A web page is created for each piece to celebrate the flowers, the bees, the land, and the specific bee habitat project from which the bees and flowers originate. When she is not creating art, working alongside bees, beekeepers, kids, farmers, ranchers, vineyard managers, and policy makers, Sarah spends her free time as a connoisseur of books, cappuccinos, running trails, and food and wine local to wherever she finds herself. 

2082 East Main St, Ashland


(G) Jhenna Quinn Lewis Fine Art Studio

Jhenna Quinn Lewis


Art is my way of communication and expression. Since childhood I have explored how to translate what I see in nature through drawing and painting. I endeavor to create meditative compositions with elements of deep meaning from my life, including my reverence for nature, a sense of mystery and curiosity, a love of whimsy, gratitude for stillness and peace, and hope. 

I am represented by Meyer Gallery in Santa Fe, NM; Trailside Galleries of Jackson, WY; InSight Gallery in Fredericksburg, TX; Hanson Howard Gallery in Ashland, OR; and, Mockingbird Gallery in Bend, OR. My work has been included in museum exhibitions and collections, such as Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum's Birds in Art show, the National Museum of Wildlife Art's Western Visions show, the Art of the West show with the High Desert Museum, and several juried exhibitions with the Society of Animal Artists. My art has been featured in Artists International, American Art Collector, Southwest Art Magazine, Western Art & Architecture, and Oregon Art Beat, among others. 

This year has been a time of slowing down and meditating more. I went to Yellowstone and the Tetons for inspiration, and I am experimenting with new drawing techniques, abstraction, and color. It’s been a rich rediscovery of art-making processes that I am bringing into my work.

92 Mountain View Drive, Phoenix


(H) Joy Hand Painted Silk

Joy Light

Dave Leibowitz


"I am magnetized by color and I am inspired by silk, an amazingly soft, sensuous and durable fabric. I started painting silk in 1989 and have developed several lines that take their inspiration from my love of life and passion for beauty. 

In my studio I focus on bringing pleasure from the eye to the heart, each piece has its own personality, a life of its own, channeled by the artist into our world. Light is the essence of the work, the silk is dyed, wrapped, steamed and unfurled into its final form. 

Even to the artist, the work reveals itself -- that is the mystical quality of the craft." -Joy Light

Originally a native of Reading Pennsylvania, Joy Light ventured west in 1979 landing in Ashland, Oregon, where she has lived for over 30 years. A mother of three grown boys, she is passionate about organic gardening, cooking and home décor. Her line of art to wear hand painted silks was launched in 1989.

Joy’s studio is where you can experience her desire to add beauty to the world with a unique perspective and to empower women by encouraging their self expression. 

Dave Leibowitz is an East Coast transplant, who worked freelance the NYC Film biz and  simultaneously made art since the 70’s, bringing fifty years of fascination with photography, collage & video art to his home in the Rogue Valley.

He completed his education in 1976, with a BFA Cinema from the University of Bridgeport. An 80’s Polaroid artist, he exhibited  in 16 annual Soho NYC shows & his art is represented in the corporate collections of Philip Morris, Polaroid, IBM, Canon and the Metropolitan Museum. 

He transitioned to digital art in 1991, with Photoshop 1.0 & Painter and mid-90’s, he created experimental art on a graphic supercomputer near Detroit, earning him a place as a pioneer in computer art.

In 2008, he began making art on a new computing platform, Apple's iPhone and then iPad and he co-developed an App, “iCreated”, dedicated to Mobile Art.

2013 saw the publication of his book, Mobile Digital Art by Focal Press and he owned “Mobile Digital Art & More”, the world’s first gallery dedicated to Mobile Art.

He’s retired to the Rogue Valley now, a member of Ashland Art Works, the Crooked Mile Gallery in Phoenix and the Rogue Gallery & Art Center in Medford.

980 Park Street, Ashland

Joy: 541-499-7730

Dave: 201-926-6261

(I) Karen Staal Studio

Karen Staal


For the ‘23 Open Studio Tour I plan to arrange my space as a sort of mini Retrospective. In the work I’ll illustrate transitions from figurative to Abstract paintings.

The exhibit will begin with portraits in oils.  I became pretty adept at getting a good likeness after I’d drop my daughter off at nursery school, rush home, paint a color portrait from a black and white clipping, then rush back in time to pick her up!

But I tired of this, and soon began adding figures, and interesting backgrounds. Negative space always challenged me to be creative. I then switched to acrylics.  My figures became increasingly simplified and flat; The negative space more interesting.

The next very brief phase illustrates my attempt to incorporate both figurative and abstract elements in the same piece.  I have not abandoned this challenge.

My recent work is purely abstract. And, as they are a response to the rhythms of Miles Davis or perhaps Keith Jarrett I call this work “Jazz Compositions”. My method is to place a canvas on the floor, pour paint on it from cans, then move around it from all sides pushing the paint back and forth with various kitchen tools.  At times I even use a brush! After this burst of activity,  I try to impose some order on the mess.

Solo exhibitions include College of Marin, Ca., Hanson Howard Gallery, in which I had a show of life size figures titled “Simpler Times”,  The Governors Offices In Salem,  and two shows in the main space at the Rogue Gallery in Medford, one based on Social Justice.

1375 Woodland Drive, Ashland


(J) Langford Sculptural Studio

Beca Blake


I entered the University of Texas at Austin: College of Fine Art in 1992. Over the years, my art has become more conceptual and interdisciplinary, with a focus on studio practice, narrative, implementation, and new media. In addition to holding a BFA in visual art, I have studied with master painters in the lineage of Ernst Fuchs, in the genre of Fantastic Realism.  I incorporate elements of classical and modern art with concurrent new media, including performance, interactive, and immersive art. At times, I combine my personal narrative with imagery of contemporary Americana. When possible, I practice social engagement, share leadership principles, and offer presentations about creative cultural enrichment.

During AOST 2023, I am relocating my studio to the spacious industrial Langford Sculpture Studio in rural Phoenix. I am presenting a sampling of completed art, works in progress, and new concepts in immersive fourth generational art experiences. Three large rooms of the Studio will be dedicated to displaying my work and offering immersive, interactive media. I will present an artist talk on the topic of Contemporary Art in Rural Pacific Northwest. This art talk will include a brief introduction to my work along with a discussion about connecting the rural art experience to urban contemporary methods. See the AOST map Demonstration Schedule for more information.

4850 S. Pacific Hwy, Phoenix


(K) Marydee's Mudworks

Marydee Bombick


In the mid-sixties I took a class in ceramics just because it sounded like fun.  That class began what was to become a lifelong love affair with clay.  There have been many interruptions along the way but I have always returned to pottery as my favorite hobby.  The move to Ashland in 2005 brought with it a studio where I could make a wide variety of clay pieces, some thrown and many hand built, though the number of hand-formed pieces seems to increase as my age increases.  Garden art has become a special passion. I create flowers of all kinds. Each is mounted on a rusted metal rod with leaves cut out of used metal with a plasma torch and then welded in place.  Chickens, owls and turtles can be nestled among plants or hung on a wall.   Add to this, cups, bowls, platters and vases, all decorated with an ever-changing collection of glazes, and the variations are wonderfully endless.

421 Prim Street, Ashland


(L) Oak Leaf Studio

Leif Trygg


I am a lifelong artist originally from Sweden. My passion is drawing, but I also love watercolors. In 2014 I opened Oak Leaf Studio in Ashland as a place to create and show my artwork. Also in 2014 Oak Leaf Studio became a member of the Ashland Gallery Association and I began to participate in the local arts community. I have been selling my own artwork through the art studio and now also online on my website. 

247 Oak Street, Ashland


(M) Outdoor Studio

Ilene Gienger-Stanfield


Start with truth, then manipulate it. This is where Ilene Gienger-Stanfield’s current painting style has evolved to after 25 years of artistic exploration. Her unfettered compositions of people, places and things are powerful in design, accuracy, and passages of unique color. 

Ilene’s studio is in the hills of Southern Oregon where she held weekly figurative sessions and teaches private lessons. She has taught workshops nationwide and has signature status with Oil Painters of America, American Impressionist Society, Pastel Society of America, Northwest Pastel Society and master signature status with Women Artists of the West. Ilene has produced collectible works that now hang in homes, businesses and galleries across the country. She has been recognized as a highly accomplished artist and has been featured in magazine articles such as the Pastel Journal, American Artist and International Artist. 

Ilene is currently represented by JGO Gallery, Bainbridge Island, Washington, McBride Gallery, Annapolis, Maryland and Favell Museum, Oregon.

2702 Deer Trail Lane, Medford


(N) Paula Fong illustration

Paula Fong


I am an illustrator of the natural world.  After receiving my master’s degree in Forest Ecology in 1983, I worked in the woods throughout Oregon.   I incorporate art with my science to produce trail signs and ecology posters, illustrate books and publications, and create fine art prints and cards. 

I have been fortunate to spend much of my career and recreation time exploring nature.  It is fascinating to examine all the details, above and below ground, up close and from a landscape perspective.  Every square inch of our natural world contains something artistically beautiful and scientifically interesting.  I like to pick out one aspect of the environment and hold it up for inspection, with all its imperfection and variation.  By changing perspective, focus, season and habitat, I have an infinite palette and unlimited source of inspiration.

8905 Yank Gulch Rd, Talent


(O) Project Space

Sarah Burns

Julian Bell


Project Space is the educational space, studio and pop-up gallery for oil painters Sarah F Burns and Julian Bell.

Sarah Burns is an observation-based painter working in the European tradition.  For nearly two decades, Sarah has been painting timeless subjects that include Figures, Still-life, and Landscape, while exploring her personal and cultural history. Just like she preserves the truth and beauty of each of her subjects in her paintings, her paintings are physically able to stand the test of time using proven traditional methods and techniques. She teaches painting and drawing online and at Project Space in Talent. 

Julian Bell started painting in the year 2000 but has been drawing since he could hold a pencil. He starts his paintings by sketching on-site and finishes them in the studio where he can take plenty of time to adjust the patterns and colors to his unique vision. Julian makes time to paint, despite having young children and being a full-time physician. When asked why he makes time for art, Julian says it’s essential for him: “It’s a bit of transcendence in a world that sometimes seems very venal.”

106 Talent Avenue, Suite 5

Talent, OR 97540 

(P) Scavenger Studios

Vanessa Jo Bahr


Vanessa Jo Bahr, originally from Chicago, Illinois, received her BFA from Regis University in Denver, Colorado in 2011 along with a minor in education. In 2012, she received her teaching license and has taught art in schools, universities and art centers in Colorado, Oregon and Ohio. In 2022 she completed her MFA from Ohio University’s printmaking program along with an arts administration certificate. Presently she resides in Ashland, Oregon where she recently founded the community printmaking studio, Scavenger Studios, which hosts various classes, workshops and open studios.

Statement: My work encourages viewers to confront their interactions with the environment by reconsidering their relationship with nature. Acknowledgment of past ecological digressions can inspire a revision of our impact on the land and all its inhabitants. Art is a form of activism and land stewardship that fosters mutualism and intimacy facilitated by the reciprocal act of printmaking. I aspire to evoke deep reverence for the inherent ecological bond with our plant and animal kin before they fade into distant memories due to human negligence.

695 Mistletoe Road - Unit E, Ashland



(Q) Silver Rock Design

Liz Ellingson


Liz has been producing and selling jewelry for over 14 years, and is basically self-taught. Her exposure to the lapidary world started years ago with her rock-hounding-dad in Eastern Oregon. She discovered later in life a familiar passion for rocks. Learning lapidary skills (the cutting and polishing of gemstones) fulfilled part of this interest, but then what to do with all of the cabochons (domed, flat backed finished gemstone) she created.  A natural transition from there was to learn silver-smithing in order to make something with all of the stones she was cutting.  Her sterling silver jewelry is one of a kind, designed with an earthy, enduring quality, using traditional silver-smithing techniques. 

253 Third St., Ashland


(R) Space Camp



This year SpaceCamp studio made something special for the Ashland Studio Tour weekend. Featuring art by Rhino. 

919 Oak Street, Ashland


(S) Studio A.B. at Little Hill

Ann DiSalvo

Bruce Bayard


After 23 years on A Street in Ashland, Studio A.B moved to Talent in 2021. We Welcome you to our new place with two studio spaces. Bruce Bayard is mastering the art of photographic collage, and his new jam: tagged and weathered n-scale model trains. Ann DiSalvo explores the limits of figures and landscape in dry media and in paint. We offer private tutoring. Our new garden setting inspires our art and we call it Little Hill.

113 Deborah Drive, Talent


(T) Studio Improv

Mabrie Ormes


I started in Indiana, moved to Washington state at age 1, to Georgia from ages 3-6. My next stop was Washington, D. C., which is where I grew up. Since then, I have lived in Vermont, Massachusetts, Senegal, Virginia,  Idaho, Oklahoma, Colorado, California, each for at least 2 years. I made black and white photographs for 10 years before I started drawing and oil painting. I have a Master’s degree in Painting and Drawing from the University of Colorado in Boulder. I have no children, only a very dear niece, and no pets, though I enjoy my sister’s cat.

I have lived and worked in Ashland for 14 years. I just built my first real studio this year with money from the sale of 5 acres in Oklahoma. I make oil paintings, linoleum block prints, drawings, and I experiment with other media. I currently show at the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland every weekend from March through October. You may have seen my work there. My studio, however, will be a different setting in which to see work that I literally cannot bring to the street either because it is too fragile, too cumbersome, or just more personal.

1045 Terra Avenue, Ashland


(U) Studio on Elm

Erin Linton

Rachel Fisher


I grew up in Lincoln, a small community twenty-two miles up Highway 66 from Ashland, now nestled in the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument. Here, I could step out my back door to explore acres of towering trees, and encounter the creatures who inhabited my world.

When I was eleven, I rescued an American Robin and happily released him back into the wild with the help of a local rehabber. I was hooked, and over the years I continued to take in orphaned and injured birds. Privileged to watch these creatures, I got to know each of their personalities and with luck, to release them back into the woods I loved.  By now I’ve cared for and rehabilitated hundreds of birds and a few mammals, and continue to do so with the help of Badger Run Wildlife Rehabilitation in Keno, Oregon.

Orphan Girl Fine Art brings together my love for wildlife, my passion for art and my taste for tea. I paint with Gouache on used tea bags. So, why teabags? Because their muted colors and textures enhance the natural qualities of fur and feathers, bringing to the paintings a softness and warmth that mirrors the creatures I love.

105 Elm St, Phoenix

Erin: 541-531-1433

Rachel: 541-301-4855

(V) Studio Shoshanah

Shoshanah Dubiner


Shoshanah Dubiner is fascinated by the world of the tiny: nature seen through the lens of the microscope and interpreted with myth and metaphor. Her work combines the scientist’s view of the universe with the poet’s and visionary’s. Her bold colors and energetic forms express enthusiasm for the material world. Since moving from San Francisco to Ashland in 20024,  she has shown her paintings at Southern Oregon University’s Hannon Library and Thorndike Gallery, Catalyst Ashland, the Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona and the Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao, Spain. “Endosymbiosis: Homage to Lynn Margulis” has been published in Staying with the Trouble by Donna Haraway, and in Critical Zones, published by ZKM Center for Art and Media. Her Protocells Triptych is currently on loan at the Norris Center for Natural History at the University of California Santa Cruz. She is now working on a book of her artwork and teaching stories about  art and life. Shoshanah has worked with students in the schools, taught OLLI classes about patterns in nature, and created outdoor art about pollinators, pollen and plants for The Farm at SOU.

922 Mountain Meadows Circle, Ashland


We look forward to meeting you!

All proceeds from the Ashland Open Studio Tour benefit the non-profit Ashland Gallery Association in its year-round efforts to promote the visual arts and arts education in Ashland.

Ashland Open Studio Tour is made possible in part by a grant from the City of Ashland.